Esterhazy logo.jpgThe Esterházy Circle is now closed.

Members of the Esterházy Circle:
Patricia Botley
For Reg & Eve (from Vincent Brown)
In celebration of the birthday of Michael J Davison
For John & Alan
Michael Faulkner
Quintin Gardner
In memory of Barbara Gambier, social worker, music lover and friend
Remembering John Galley
In memory of Leslie Thomas Gilbert
In memory of Isidore Gura
Geoff & Mary Hearn
Brian & Doreen Hitching
In celebration of the birthdays of Margaret and Colin Hood, 2001
Joy & Geoff Lawrence
Derek & Deirdre Lea
Jeanne & Gordon Lees
In memory of Bert Lovegrove
Sylvia Lovegrove
Gordon Mabb
Patrick Malloy
John C Morris
In celebration of the birthday of Mr B Page
Marion Forster Parish
Michael J Rose
Helen & Geoffrey Shaw
In celebration of the birthday of Gwendoline Small
In memory of Stanley Smith
In memory of Jayne Snow
In memoriam Matthäus Stieldorf
Anne Stoddart
John Tillotson
Ian & Wan-Hing Tonothy


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