Norbury Children headphones.JPGThe LMP tries to tailor individual visits to school requirements, varying from masterclasses, performance workshops, chamber coaching, etc., as well as introducing students to instruments at close quarters.

Introduction to the Orchestra

Aimed at Year 7, this simple introduction to instruments from the orchestra can be useful for pupils trying to decide which instrument to learn in school, or can be developed into a full “taster” day with opportunity to hear a range of orchestral in performance by musicians from the LMP with an opportunity then to try instruments in an introductory session guided by the LMP, many of whom are also experienced teachers in schools.

Masterclasses and performance workshops

An exciting way to challenge young instrumentalists by inviting them to perform in open forum guided by a professional player from the LMP.

Music in the community
A collaborative project for student and professional musicians

LMP musicians work alongside talented young musicians to provide entertainments for people who can no longer get out to concerts. A typical visit to a nursing home or day centre will begin with a concert of up to 45 minutes, presenting a programme of short items in a wide variety of styles introduced by the performers, followed by refreshments and the chance for everyone to chat.

Part of the challenge is to construct a suitable programme using the small forces available, and often it will be necessary to make arrangements of popular songs etc for unusual combinations of instruments. LMP musicians have often done this, but it can also be an interesting exercise for GCSE or A-level music students and the results can possibly form part of their portfolio.

Creative Music Making

Planned in close collaboration with Heads of Music, composition projects are constructed to meet the needs of individual groups of pupils, often at GCSE or A level. Major projects to date have included collaborations with composers, choreographers, film makers, sculptors and puppeteers all of whom also enjoy working in the field of education, and on occasion young people have even been invited to perform alongside the orchestra as an integral part of the concert in a major concert hall.



In 1940, teenager Geoffrey Wellum was one of the RAF’s youngest Spitfire pilots, who fought and survived the Battle of Britain with one of the most famous fighting Squadrons in the world: the legendary 92 Squadron. In 1769, the young teenage composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart left home in Salzburg, on yet another trip around Europe, also about to change the world.

The inspiration was the celebration of 100 years of flight and the part that Southampton Airport has played in the history of flight, including the first test flight of the legendary Spitfire plane. Led by Michael Omer, students from Woodlands School in Southampton took Mozart's experiences and the inspiration for flight to create a new musical work over four weeks. The première took place in the main terminal of Southampton airport on 27 January 2011, making a connection between the teenage Geoffrey Wellum, the teenage composer Wolfgang Mozart and the students, themselves all teenagers bursting with new ideas. It featured a song "I Have Touched the Sky" and a rap called "Two Different Lives", highlighting the contrasts between young Wolfgang and Geoffrey. The performance was featured on local BBC television and shows that you really can perform music to anyone, anywhere!

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